Thursday, March 17, 2011

Working It Out

We've been on a major work out kick. I have been running AT LEAST every other day for about a week, and Aaron has only taken off two days in the last two weeks. He runs 1.5 -2.3 miles, mostly at a sprint, and I run 2 - 3 miles at about 9'45".  Let's be friends if you happen to run with Nike+... ;)

I really meant to take Connor on a run this week, but it didn't happen. Instead, we braved the aquarium (and a bit of a sight-seeing jaunt down the pier) AND the zoo without a stroller! He made out like a champ, being carried for less than five minutes on either trip.

I think we're setting a good new routine for our lives. It was pretty hard (and still is) to motivate myself to get moving some days, but Aaron doing this with me has made a huge difference.

Walk, run, jump rope, whatever. Get out there!

P.S. Lost 4 lbs since I started... YES!

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