Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I've been majorly slacking on this blog, mostly due to a newfound love of tumblr.

Excuses aside, I have run Saturday (1.1 mi), Monday (3.2 mi) and Tuesday (2.3 mi). Aaron has been a big motivator here, as he's been going every single evening after work. I see him do it and I get jealous and feel bad if I don't, so I go, too.

Took Connor out in the jogger for Monday's run, and if I tried to walk he would say, "All done!" or "Faster, Mommy!" or complain about falling behind our friends who were running with us. He's a pretty good coach, but the added 33 lbs and heavy Joggertrend stroller really wore me down. I averaged a full 20"/mi faster yesterday when I ran without him.

We've also been eating dinners from! Not only are they around 300-450 per good-sized serving, but they keep carbs, fat, and sodium in mind as well.

I will post some recipes later tonight.

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