Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Watch Out, March!

Time to lose those 10-15 lbs that I've gained in the last year and a half and EXERCISE more.

I usually run 3 miles 1-3X a week, but it is so infrequent and half-hearted that I am pledging March as fitness month. I'm also logging my meals here. So far I am very, very happy with that site. It even included the three recipies / dinners I've made from and!

I am going to achieve this goal by eating healthy, setting aside time every single day for exercise and making a back up plan for when the weather is too bad or my hair is too gorgeous to run. I've also started following a bunch of other dieters on my Tumblr, which has given me a lot extra of willpower.

Here are the very sad statistics:

I'm 5'7".
CW: 135 lbs
GW: 120 lbs

I was 123 lbs spring / summer of 2009, so I know I can achieve this.

I'm also really excited about the prospect of making my boys even healthier. Aaron took up running after I did and Connor rides in the jogger for about 50% of my runs. I am making every effort to stock the healthiest things they like to eat in the house (organic, as close to completely natural as possible, homemade over processed).

I'm also sneaking the good stuff in whether they like it or not-- whole grain pasta and rice in with traditional (about 1 part to 3, sometimes 1.5 part to 3), Smart Balance light spread instead of butter, cutting all oil / fat by 50% at least, fresh and steamed veggies with every single dinner.

As an overall trend, this is going to save me money since I will look better in the clothes I have and will be eating less of the garbage processed foods that ultimately cost more. As a parent I am setting great examples for Connor and keeping him healthy with great food.

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