Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I am getting the feeling that a lot of Blogger blogs are often neglected for long periods of time. I am very lame for being part of these blogs, so here is my looooong and often thought about revival!

I actually had two close friends move away this summer (and another friend who was murdered), so I am thinking a lot about closeness and the way people stay connected. This blog may be a Facebook rejects only chance at staying in touch with relatives and friends across the country.

I felt like we were super active this summer, but in retrospect I wish we had done so much more. Anyway, here is our summer report!

Ran to Snake Lake Nature Center and Discovery Pond. We got there around 9:30 AM and stayed till 1. C fell asleep on the walk / jog home. I just parked the stroller in the front yard and read on the porch till he woke up. Bliss!

We also caught the dinosaur exhibit at the zoo w/ galpal Eva.

Future prom date?

In June C and Daddy made a daybed library that we painted and now use as Connor's big boy bed.

We hunted out ducks at the lake across the street.

We played at the beach with our best friend River.

We wine tasted in Yakima and played on the porch at our newest (and last for some time, we hope) digs.

July was a great month. We'd had such mild weather all summer it was nice to see the sun and get into the 70s. We made special 4th of July pancakes before heading out for a hike and then a picnic on the beach.

We hit up the aquarium, saw the Seattle Storm whoop Atlanta, attended Day Out With Thomas and played at an awesome playground called St. Edwards State Park.

Asleep after the Storm game

We finished out the summer with lots of wading pool dates, picnics on the beach, and finally hit 85! Hoping to get back on track with my posts this month.

Preschool has started and I am sure to come up with more resolutions that need attention! Whew!