Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Forging Ahead

Maybe it was the $364 I forked over to the dentist today, maybe it is cabin fever from being only seven days away from my new resolution, but I am thinking about what March will bring. I am toying with a few ideas, and should probably keep some kind of running list of possibilities. You know, in case I run out of resolutions by the end of 2011.

Among the ideas floating around in my brain:

  • Exercise / weight loss
  • Cutting out processed food, getting all recommended servings of veggies / fruit into my boys
  • Anger Management (More like yelling management)
  • Something relationshippy
I feel a little bit bad about the "something relationshippy." I guess we've been floating along pretty well, and if I had to narrow things down, I would like to communicate better and be more patient, which sounds a bit too wide of a focus and generic. Perhaps I'll hold off on the relationshippy ideas for now.

On an unrelated note, C had a good playdate with little E while I was getting 3 fillings. Here they are scarfing a bite between lots and lots of playing.


  1. Don't get me started on dentists and their bills. Ouch!
    I am really looming forward to seeing what you choose for next month, whatever it is. : )

  2. I meant looking, not looming. (sometimes I hate autospell)