Monday, January 17, 2011

Tremulous Beginnings

A Year of Resolutions
Starting a blog has left me fraught with indecisiveness. Indecisiveness is, admittedly, something I struggle with already, but when going over my interests or areas I consider myself at least partially talented in, I kept hitting walls.
A cooking blog? Too popular. A generic “Mom” blog? Too easy to get lost in the array of topics. Celebrity gossip? News / Current Events? Too far-removed from my life, and kind of depressing.
It wasn’t until this last week that I started even thinking about resolutions. I kept seeing little tidbits about them, whether from Oprah’s Gratitude Journal, friends, or even on my Windows 7 desktop news ticker. I hadn’t gone out of my way to set any concrete resolutions, but I had been thinking about things I wanted to implement as a parent. Connor, my 3-year-old hellion / sometime angel, gets entirely too much screen time. Aaron, his father and my partner, just mentioned Connor muttered in his sleep something about the “Thomas game,” which he plays on our computer with parental assistance. Even when he isn’t watching / playing, he’s dreaming about media! Yikes!
Somewhere between thinking that I could tackle the TV / computer game issue one day at a time, I thought I could devote a nice lump amount of time-- nothing too long, but not too short as to make the goal unattainable. It was around that time I thought I could do a different goal each month. I’m hoping these will span a variety of topics, from personal fitness (I am a newbie runner and slacker yogi) to parenting, home and domestic life, even resolutions to better my relationship. I’d half hoped I could develop a reader base to discuss and suggest new topics with.  
Anyway, this is my attempt to record 2011 and the 12 resolutions I make each month.
I’ll be posting some type of schedule for January’s “30 min of TV / screen time per day” goal.
In the meantime, please link me your blog! I’m dying to hear some other resolutions / unique blog topics. J

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